Maxvorstadt, 80333, München, Bayern, Germany


Higgins Ale Works

Adventurous Craft Beer from Munich

Our Ales

Ale from Higgins Ale Works nano brewery in Maxvorstadt, Munich

Pale ales and IPAs brewed in small batches

We brew our IPAs and pale ales in small batches which allows us to be flexible. After developing new ales, our customers can try them at events and give us their feedback. We keep the favorites and try out new recipes.

The first of our fruity and well balanced ales were Parma Pale Ale, Pioneer Pale Ale and Peak Seeker NE IPA. In 2019 we will introduce new recipes like the Rye Cream Ales and a Session Ale. And we'll continue serving the favorites: Eclipse Black IPA, Peak Seeker and Secret Idaho NE Pale Ale. 


Adventurously Hopped

Sticking to the Reinheitsgebot (German beer purity law) doesn't mean there's no room for creativity. At Higgins Ale Works, we combine different varieties of hops and malt, and cultivate yeast in exciting ways to produce flavorful and adventurous new brews. 

Resealable Crowlers filled with  craft beer from Higgins Ale Works

On Tap or in Crowlers

Craft beer on tap is always a treat. We love serving it at bars, craft beer festivals and other events. But sometimes you want to take some with you. That's why you can also get Higgins Ale Works in Crowlers, which keep the ale fresh, are easy to transport and are great for sharing.

The Selection


  • Peak Seeker NE IPA: Rounded New England IPA, more body, cara malts with citrus, piney hops. 6.1%
  • Secret Idaho NE Pale Ale:  New England style hop bomb with big fruity US & AU hops. 5.5%
  • Eclipse Black IPA:  Black IPA, very hoppy with slight roast malt aroma, balanced bitterness with carmalt & creamy texture. 6.7%

New in 2019

  • Red Moon RYEsing: session-like, crisp, complex body, hoppy red ale. 4.5% 
  • Pioneer Cream Ale: made with malted corn from New York
  • Ridge Runner Session IPA: hoppy flavor but still light and easy

Higgins Ale Works IPA and Pale Ale on tap and in Crowlers

Higgins Ale Works IPA and Pale Ale on tap and in Crowlers

News about the brews